I am convinced that life is a journey and the choices we make along this journey will determine our eternal destiny. Without God and His Word as a guide, this journey of life becomes confusing, uncertain, and nearly impossible to maneuver.

How do we know which roads we should travel and which paths we should avoid? How do we know where the dangers and pitfalls are without a map to guide us?

Having a DESTINATION is important, but having DIRECTION is imperative. It is known that inspiration without proper direction will only bring frustration.

To reach the determined destination we need to know where we are, where we are going, and we need direction- the GUIDANCE of which path will take us to that destination from where we currently are standing and a full awareness of where the dangers and obstacles lie that would prevent us from getting there.

No one should feel like they’re ALONE on this journey. Why travel alone when you can CONNECT with other travelers who are willing to and desire to SUPPORT you along the way?